Legal Notice

Legal Notice of the domain belonging to Laboratorio BIOXÁN, with Tax ID No. B8696202 with registered office at Carrera San Jerónimo 15, Planta 2a. 28014 Madrid. SPAIN.

General conditions for use of the website
Laboratorio BIOXÁN informs you that the access and use of the website and all URLs, subdomains and directories included under this website, together with the services and contents that may be obtained using this site, are subject to the terms stated in detail in the Legal Notice, without prejudice to the fact that the access to any of said services or contents may require the acceptance of general, specific or additional conditions.
Hence, if you do not agree to the considerations detailed in this Legal Notice, we ask you not to use this website, since any use that you make of it or of services and contents included in it will imply the acceptance of the legal terms states in the text of this Legal Notice.

Due to the nature of Internet itself, given that it is possible to access this page from any part of the world, the contents and also the services that Laboratorio BIOXÁN offers in general are addressed to customers located in any country. In spite of the previous statements, when you request the contracting of any type of services or contents offered, Laboratorio BIOXÁN reserves the right to refuse to provide services or send contents, in whatever cases it sees fit.
Laboratorio BIOXÁN reserves the right to make changes in the website without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add, cancel or delete contents or design of the website. The services and contents of the website are subject to periodic updates, and due to the fact that the updating of the information is not immediate, we suggest that you always verify the validity and precision of the information, services and contents offered here.
The conditions and terms of use that are included in the present Legal Notice may change, and hence we suggest that you review these terms when you visit the website again or request a new service. Likewise, the present Legal Notice must be understood without prejudice to any other General Conditions and specific conditions that govern access to specific goods and services within the website.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Both the design of this website and its source codes, logos, images, melodies, brands and other distinctive signs that appear belong to their respective authors and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.
Their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar action is completely prohibited except with express, written authorisation from their creator or the holder of the rights.
Moreover, Laboratorio BIOXÁN declares its respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties; therefore, if you think that this site could be violating third-party rights, we ask that you contact Laboratorio BIOXÁN by filling in the form that you will find by clicking here.

Links or hyperhinks

From this website, Laboratorio BIOXÁN provides you and may provide you with access to other web sites that it believe might interest you. The purpose of said links is merely to facilitate the search for resources that might interest you on Internet. In spite of this, said pages do not belong to Laboratorio BIOXÁN, nor does it review their contents, and hence, it accepts no responsibility for them, for the operation of the linked page or for the possible damages that could arise from access and use of the linked page. Likewise, Laboratorio BIOXÁN demonstrates complete respect for the rights of intellectual or industrial property that belong or may belong to third parties, to the websites to which said links refer. For this reason, if you believe that the establishment of said links could be in violation of your rights, we request that you contact Laboratorio BIOXÁN by filling out the form that you will find if you click here.
As a general rule, the link of websites or e-mail addresses to the web is authorised, but an exception is made in those cases where Laboratorio BIOXÁN expressly declares the contrary. In addition, and in order to understand this general authorisation to be applicable, said links must necessarily respect the following condition: the establishment of the link will not constitute, by itself, any sort of agreement, contract, patronage or recommendation by Laboratorio BIOXÁN of the page that makes the link.
In spite of the previous statements, at any moment Laboratorio BIOXÁN will be able to withdraw the authorisation mentioned in the previous paragraph, without need to state any reason. In this case, the page that has made the link must proceed to eliminate it immediately, as soon as it receives notice that Laboratorio BIOXÁN has revoked the authorisation.


Laboratorio BIOXÁN expressly prohibits “framings” or use by third parties of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration or web contents.


We will insert on the website advertising of Laboratorio BIOXÁN or of third-party company advertisers that we believe could interest you.
Without prejudice to the Privacy Policy, Laboratorio BIOXÁN commits not to provide your information to advertisers, except anonymous statistical data on the use of the web, in order to improve the service and offer products in keeping with users’ expectations.
In spite of this, Laboratorio BIOXÁN informs you that the advertisers and suppliers, using cookies, could be able to obtain information about you, the uses that you make of the services and your movements in Internet. Since it is not involved with the uses that the advertising company could make of said information, Laboratorio BIOXÁN does not accept responsibility for the gathering of information by said companies.
Laboratorio BIOXÁN can use cookies when a user browses on its sites and websites. The cookies that may be used on the sites and websites of BIOXÁN Laboratories are only associated with the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous user), and they do not provide in themselves any personal data of the user. The cookies only serve for exclusively internal purposes, such as the access statistics of this website. The cookies used cannot read cookie files created by other suppliers or websites. The User has the possibility to configure his browser in order to be advised on the screen of the receipt of cookies and in order to prevent the installation of cookies on his hard drive. Please consult the instructions and handbooks of your browser to receive more information. In order to use, it is not necessary that the user allows the installation of cookies sent by the Laboratorio BIOXÁN.


This Web site commits to comply with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, concerning Protection of Personal Data (L.O.P.D.) and with its Implementing Regulations, Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December (R.D.L.O.P.D.), by maintaining a privacy policy on the personal data in the use that Laboratorio BIOXÁN could make of them.

Users’ responsibilities

The user commits to use the services of the website in accordance with the terms expressed in the present Legal Notice, and he will be responsible for their correct use.
The user who acts against the image, good name or reputation of Laboratorio BIOXÁN, together with whoever uses the designs, logos, or web contents in fraudulent manner and/or violates in any form the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website or of the contents and services of the website, will be responsible to Laboratorio BIOXÁN for his actions.

Responsibilities of Laboratorio BIOXÁN

Incorrect use:
Laboratorio BIOXÁN has created the website for the promotion of its products and/or services, but it cannot control its use other than in the way intended in the present Legal Notice; and hence, the access to and correct use of the information contained in the website are the responsibility of the person who carries our these actions, and Laboratorio BIOXÁN does not accept responsibility for the incorrect, illegal or negligent use that the user could make of it.

Laboratorio BIOXÁN provides all contents of its websites under certain conditions of good faith, and it will take all possible measures so that the contents are updated and valid; in spite of this, Laboratorio BIOXÁN cannot assume any responsibility regarding the use and access that the users make of its outside of the scope of the website’s intent, and the final responsibility for this will correspond to the user. Moreover, Laboratorio BIOXÁN cannot control the contents that it has not produced or commissioned of third parties, and hence it will not respond in any case for the damages, contents and technical unavailability that could be caused by said third parties.

Laboratorio BIOXÁN will include on the web its own advertising or that of third parties in order to offer you products or services that it believes could interest you. In spite of this, regarding third-party advertising, Laboratorio BIOXÁN cannot control the appearance of said advertising, nor the quality or suitability of the products or service to which it refers, and hence it will not respond for any damages that could be cause to the user for said reasons attributable to third parties.

Laboratorio BIOXÁN commits to apply to the extent possible the appropriate measures available to it in order to attempt to guarantee to the user the absence of virus, worms, trojans, spam, etc…on its website. In spite of this, these measures are not 100% infallible and hence Laboratorio BIOXÁN cannot completely ensure the absence of said undesirable elements. As a result, Laboratorio BIOXÁN will not accept responsibility for damages that these could produce for the user.

Technological failures:
Laboratorio BIOXÁN makes available to you the necessary means for the continuity of this website, and it will make its utmost effort so that the website does not suffer from interruptions, but it cannot guarantee the absence of technological failures, nor the permanent availability of the web and of the services contained therein, as a result it does not accept any responsibility for the damage that may derive from the lack of availability and from the failures in access caused by disconnections, breakdowns, overloads or failures in the network not attributable to Laboratorio BIOXÁN.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The applicable Law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms of which this Legal Notice consists, and also any question related with the services of the present web, will be Spanish law.
In order to resolve any conflict that could arise on the occasion of visiting the web, Laboratorio BIOXÁN and the user agree to submit to the judges and tribunals of commercial court in MADRID.

Interested parties who provide their data through the website

In compliance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data (L.O.P.D. and R.D.L.O.P.D), we inform you that your personal data, collected through the web site, using forms or links to e-mail, will be processed for the purposes of: management of potential customers, contacts and campaigns of sales communication, and they can be stored in the corresponding archives.
Finally, we inform you that the data will be stored in the archives of our company for the purpose of sales follow-up and to keep you informed (on the services and products that could interest you) by post, by telephone or by any other electronic medium that you have provided to us.
In order to be able to exercise the rights, which the Law assigns you as owner of your personal data, these being the rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition, you can contact us in writing, demonstrating your identity using a photocopy of the National ID Documents to Laboratorio BIOXÁN, indicating on the envelope the reference: “Data Protection,” at the following address: Carrera San Jerónimo 15, Planta 2ª. 28014 Madrid. SPAIN.