Luna Caden

In 2009, Luna Caden was only a few months old when she was diagnosed with a very aggressive bladder cancer after a tumor measuring 600 cubic centimeters was identified in her lower abdomen.  Fortunate to be chosen for clinical trials at the Great Ormon Street Hospital in London, she endured nine months of exhausting radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, losing all her hair.

With cancer treatments, the skin can become dry and scaly. It can swell and become inflamed, and it can also redden and itch. In the case of infants, the damage can be greater because the skin flora is in an accelerated growth phase. With Luna, the consequences of her treatment could have been overwhelming, but luckily for her, a loving aunt was there to help her on the road to recovery.

Luna Caden


Ugidos Álvarez

Ana Victoria Ugidos is the well-known founder and CEO of BTSA Biotecnologias Aplicadas Madrid, the leading European producer of natural vitamin E.  When she first noticed the devastating chemotherapy-induced effects on the skin of her infant niece Luna Caden, she was unable to find a pharmaceutical that could help the girl. Instead, Ugidos, who holds a university pharmacy degree, turned her attention to producing an effective skin cream herself. 


The birth of BIOXAN

Ugidos knew she didn’t have much time, so she worked around the clock. When she finally perfected her ‘master formula,’ it included concentrated Vitamin E, Omega 3 and natural prebiotics, as well as oligosaccharides to protect the skin’s bacterial flora and strengthen the immune system.

The new cream had an incredibly restorative power on Luna’s skin. When word of mouth spread of this remarkable healing agent, demand grew and a new product came onto the market enabling other patients to appreciate the formula’s prodigious effects.

Ana Victoria Ugidos Álvarez

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