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Why a cream

from Bioxán


It contains the highest concentration of Natural Vitamin E on the market, the anti-oxidant par excellence for the skin, with moisturising-, anti-ageing-, and regenerating properties.

Intensive regenerating


The intensive regenerating cream BIOXÁN Neo enhances the power of the antioxidants and includes active ingredients based in Natural Vitamin E in its formula, which promotes the regeneration process in damaged skin. The regenerating creams from BIOXÁN help us renew and moisturise our skin, thus achieving a more youthful and healthy appearance.

100% biological


Due to the fact that all its ingredients are 100% pure biological, it is suited for all types of skin. The vitamin complex of the biological cream promotes rejuvenation and restores luminosity, tone and firmness, thanks to the use of these high-quality biological ingredients guaranteed by the science and experience of a biotechnological company with more than 20 years producing raw materials for the dermo-cosmetic sector.