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Prevention – the key to winning the battle against time

Over time, skin tissues lose their density and elasticity and become thinner as their ability to recover from environmental stressors decreases.

As a result, the first marked lines appear, the skin becomes duller and drier, and it loses tone and smoothness.
Prevention is important to slow this process down and avoid the skin from suffering the effects of time.

By applying a treatment rich in anti-ageing ingredients, you can prevent the fibres and cells of the dermis from deteriorating and dehydrating, and keep the skin firm and full of vitality for longer.

mujer con uso de crema para la piel reparadora

BIOXÁN Neo – our collection of repairing and regenerating creams offers important properties aimed at fighting skin ageing and deterioration, thanks to ingredients such as Vitamin E – one of the main antioxidants known to date.

Deficient skin hydration decreases your skin’s power to defend and protect, leaving it defenceless against external factors. This can accelerate the effects of time, and cause wrinkles and symptoms of ageing to appear more quickly.

Using an anti-ageing cream provides a high degree of hydration to the skin and consequently greater protection, which means that all these factors have less impact on the skin.

Bioxán’s anti-ageing treatment is made of up to 99% natural ingredients and contains the highest Vitamin E concentrate in facial care available on the market.

Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant function that acts against skin ageing and the signs of ageing.

Lastly, Omega 3 helps to revitalise cells, prevent dryness, and helps maintain the structure and firmness of the membranes, and eliminate toxins.

BIOXÁN Neo has anti-wrinkle properties and a fluid texture, which means it can be applied to all types of skin, both dry and oily.

It is an anti-ageing treatment suitable for both men and women and thanks to its formulation, expression lines and wrinkles will be noticeably reduced.

Intensive regeneration and repair

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