Omega 3 – Cell Strengthener

For your skin tissues to be of the optimal density and formation, the cells that make them up need to be healthy and functioning properly.

Omega 3 are fatty acids that are essential to the formation of the cell membrane. They are found mainly in oily fish as well as in some vegetable foods such as nuts, flax seeds and some types of algae.


One of the things that distinguishes BIOXÁN Neo creams is that they are made from up to 99% biological ingredients.


Including, in particular, Omega 3 from algae. We include it in each of the creams in the range because it helps to maintain the structure and firmness of cell membranes. This ensures that nutrients are absorbed in the right way and waste and toxins are removed.

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Omega 3 is also used because of its depigmenting role on skin that is affected by blemishes. It brings brightness to the face and evens out tone.

Omega 3 and Oxabiol: youthful, healthy cells

Omega 3s are fatty acids that are essential for your body’s health and therefore also for your skin.

Our treatment formulations contain Oxabiol – a vitamin complex with high antioxidant power that is composed of Vitamin C and Omega 3 from algae.

This means we combine the strengthening power of fatty acids with the antioxidant’s capacity to prolong cell health and condition, thus achieving a double regenerative effect.

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Main properties

Intensive regeneration and repair

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