Vitamin E – the fountain of youth

Your skin cells act as a natural barrier and protection against external agents.

These agents include pollution, temperature changes, and in particular solar radiation, and are the cause of free radicals – the main culprits in skin ageing.

Your best defence against the harmful effects of free radicals is Vitamin E and is found in many plant substances, such as olive oil, fruits such as avocado and papaya, legumes and nuts.

BIOXÁN Neo is the skin care product with the highest natural concentration of Vitamin E available on the market.

The main active ingredient used when formulating our treatments is Tocopherol, which has a 95% concentration. It stops the free radicals that cause cells to oxidise and, in short, stops your skin from premature ageing.

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Vitamin E also has other beneficial properties for your body, such as immune system protection, and helping ensure proper blood clotting.

Scientific content

Causes of skin ageing

Skin ageing has its origin in causes both outside and within your body, inherent in our organism and genetics.

The most widespread external causes are solar radiation, as well as things such as tobacco consumption and pollution. All of these contribute to the generation of the free radicals that cause cell oxidation.

Among the internal causes, the most common are stress, and a reduced consumption of Vitamin E.

To keep the skin healthy and restore damaged skin to its natural state, our collection of treatments contains a high concentration of Vitamin E to prevent and improve the effects of time on the skin and help reduce potential skin changes.

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Main properties

Intensive regeneration and repair

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