Our origins lie in science and today, we continue to strengthen our innovation and development work to meet our goal: simply, to restore health to fragile or damaged skin.

Each and every one of our advances and discoveries is backed by research, experimentation and analysis of results.

Why Bioxan?

We are experts in the care and regeneration of fragile or damaged skin

A major breakthrough in sensitive skin care

The intense work done by our research laboratory resulted in
a patent for the invention in 2017, thanks to the development of a regenerating cosmetic composition, specially designed for sensitive skin and/or post-radiotherapy treatments.

Research and Science

We believe that the only possible way to create effective and sustainable cosmetics is through research based on scientific evidence.
We develop methodologies and put all our resources into experiments and analysing and verifying results.

The effectiveness of our products is our greatest achievement.

Our principle regarding quality is Bioxán’s backbone.

Our products are the result of applying this principle in each and every one of our processes.


We work on purifying and optimising our processes and apply the
innovation and creativity to achieve greater efficiency.

About Us

Raw materials

Our ingredients are rigorously selected for their quality
performance and purity of their elements.


The environment

We work on the design of our containers to ensure the product keeps all its active ingredients in perfect condition.


Silicon & paraben free

Our treatments are 100% free from silicone, parabens, paraffin and PVA

Helping the planet

We work hard every day to be more sustainable and efficient

People first

The health and safety of our teams is our priority.

Intensive regeneration and repair

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