1. People

Our essence is all about people. And our goal is to help restore and improve the health and beauty of people’s skin.

2. Science

Our work is based on a scientific methodology and demonstrates the validity of our products with clinical studies that support our leadership in cosmetic treatments for fragile and damaged skin..

3. Quality

We require the highest quality standards of ourselves, across all our processes. This is how we are able to offer the best product.

4. Sustainability

We assume our responsibility for protecting the environment and every day we make progress by being more sustainable and efficient.

5. Commitment

We are the result of a promise made to our customers, suppliers and teams. And we fulfil it in each and every one of our processes.

6. Loyalty

We are coherent and authentic. We are clear about our values (honesty, quality, innovation, sustainability) and we are faithful to them.

7. Pioneering

Our desire is to offer those who place their trust in us a product that helps them feel better. We listen, learn and innovate – as part of a process of constant improvement.