Moisture – Life in Your Skin

Skin is made up of 72% water, so it is essential to your health that you provide it with the optimal level of hydration.

When it is dry, the skin flakes, becomes irritated, loses its luminosity and becomes tight and feels uncomfortable. It is also unable to fulfil its protective barrier function, making you more vulnerable to potential infections.

Over the course of the day and due to the effect of heat, stress and pollution, your skin loses some of its water.To maintain the necessary level of hydration, as well as drinking plenty of water every day, it is advisable to use a daily skin-care regime that gives the skin the hydration it needs to replace what it loses during the day.

The daily habit of applying a moisturising treatment, and repairing the water layer in skin tissues, provides health and freshness and cares for your skin.

How to choose a moisturiser

The choice of a moisturiser is important because it plays a fundamental role in maintaining the health of your skin. There are a number factors that can determine your choice, but there are three main ones:

Skin type

There are different types of skin. Work out which yours is and choose your moisturiser accordingly; this is the best way of making the product really effective.

Part of the body you want to moisturise

Your skin varies according to the part of the body. In some areas, like the soles of the feet, it is thicker and more resistant; and in other areas, such as around the eyes, it is thinner and more delicate. The effectiveness of the treatment will depend on how well it suits the area of the body where it is applied.

Time of year when using the cream

your skin condition changes according to the season; traditionally, you need more moisturising in the cold seasons than the hot ones.

The Bioxán Neo treatment collection consists of different products that are specific to the areas of skin most in need. Because of its ingredients and formulation it is suitable for all skin types and can be used during any season of the year.

Bioxán Neo – your ally for perfect skin

Our creams contain a combination of high quality ingredients that provide an extra dose of hydration. They maintain natural and optimal levels of hydration, without modifying or altering the natural cellular structure of the dermis. They also provide other benefits thanks to ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3.

All BIOXÁN NEO moisturisers contain 100% pure biological ingredients and have been created to care for and protect any type of skin: normal, mixed, oily, dry or sensitive.

Can be used by both men and women, as the ingredients are essential for all skin types.
Reduces the signs of previous damage and protects against potential future damage, such as the sun’s rays and natural or premature cell ageing.
Enhances cell regeneration: The skin improves its appearance and maintains its firmness. Marks and scars are reduced and brightness and luminosity are restored.

Intensive regeneration and repair

Bioxan treatment collection

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