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About skin

With a simple internet search you can find plenty of articles about daily skin care routines that you should follow: how to clean your skin, how to moisturise it, and so on. However, not all advice can be trusted. And nor are all products suitable for different skin types. As the body’s first line of defence, the skin must be protected from daily stressors with special care routines and the use of organic moisturising creams, specifically designed for the different areas of the body, that nourish and regenerate your skin.

You can find more details in our post on why skin care is important.

Using a suitable anti-wrinkle cream is the best way of avoiding the traces of time on your skin. Both men and women should choose anti-wrinkle creams composed of ingredients that are effective in reducing deterioration of the skin. In this regard, the best anti-wrinkle creams are known for their power to hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin, as they contain fundamental ingredients like Vitamin E (one of the most powerful antioxidants known to date), natural prebiotics and Vitamin C.
For those who wonder when they should start using anti-wrinkle creams, we recommend starting the fight against the signs of ageing sooner rather than later.

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The skin on your face is permanently exposed to external stressors and it therefore needs specific attention. How should you care for your face if you want to reduce or alleviate the negative effects of pollution, stress, the sun, dehydration and the other factors that put your health at risk? The answer is to use a good cream that covers all your needs and a daily beauty routine (with no option for making excuses!) that should include cleansing and proper nutrition.
These are the fundamental pillars when answering the question “how should I care for the skin on my face?”. From there, any additional healthy habits will help you take care of the health of your skin and your whole body.

The body is often overlooked when it comes to daily beauty routines. Lack of time in particular means we often forget to apply a good moisturiser when getting out of the shower or before going to sleep. Do you still have time to learn how to care for the skin on your body? Yes, you do! It is never too late if you make a habit of it.
Being the body’s largest organ, the effects of free radicals are always noticeable. You find areas that are much drier than usual and require immediate attention. Do you know what to do to care for the skin on your body and stop the extreme lack of hydration? We give you all the information you need here.

Beauty routines used for skin that has too much sebum frequently get things wrong by doing either too much or too little. So how should you take care of oily skin? By following the same cleansing and moisturising tips as for other skin types, but paying special attention and using the right products. Even though their appearance suggest otherwise, oily skins also need water to keep their properties intact and prevent the effects of external factors. This means finding a good moisturiser that is specially created or suited to your requirements.
As for the basic steps on caring for oily skin, here we explain which are essential to avoid getting it wrong and to get the most out of your skin.

Flaking, dryness, tightness, ageing… if you want to avoid all these negative effects on the skin, you need to learn how to care for dry skin. This type of skin, like all others, requires a range of specific steps to alleviate the effects of free radicals and keep its structure almost intact over the years. The answer to the question how best to care for dry skin involves a basic routine:
Hydrate with a moisturiser specifically designed for dry skin. Be sure not to forget the lips and the area around the eyes
Sun protection
For more information about how to care for dry skin, please read this post.

Learning to control and care for combination skin is not difficult if you know what to do. It is important to identify this skin type’s main problems – namely, dehydration and excess sebum in certain areas of the face. If your face has combination skin, it will likely feel dry or tight in the cheekbones and be oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
So how do you handle two different needs on the same face? With the right cleansing and moisturising treatments. If you still don’t know what combination skin is and how best to care for it, keep reading here.

After a decade (your twenties) during which your skin looked its very best and required minimal care, people often ask which moisturiser they should use in their 30s. As soon as your skin crosses into this new stage, it starts showing the first signs of ageing and the negative effects of free radicals. To get ahead of other potentially worse effects, you are best to choose cosmetic products that contain: Vitamin E, Omega 3 and natural ingredients.
It is important also to remember the importance of a complete skin care routine after the age of 30. Here is all the information you need.

The best time for your skin is between the ages of 20 and 30. From then on, it begins to lose certain properties and the damage from external factors is much more noticeable. To combat the effects of time, it is best to use cosmetic products that are specially created for each skin type and age range. The best moisturisers to use in your 40s are those that help to slow down the signs of ageing. So, for skin cosmetics that are rich in collagen, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
Your skin cannot stay young forever, but it is possible to soften the effects caused by the passage of time. We show you how to do so across the different stages of adult life, for example, with moisturisers recommended for your 40s.

Sun protection against the sun, area-specific skin care, a healthy lifestyle and, very importantly, a good history of skin care… if you have followed these skin care rules, it will be easier to keep your skin in optimal condition after the age of 50.

During the summer, the sun and high temperatures are the main external stressors that your body’s largest organ faces. Nevertheless, a proper routine of summer skin care can prevent this damage from being irreparable. It does not matter whether your skin is dry or oily, or if the amount of time spent outdoors is limited. Your skin care regime during the hottest months of the year should include:
Choosing and using a good moisturiser every day
Protecting your skin from UVA rays at all times
Internal hydration
A balanced diet
Good perspiration
Don’t forget to follow this summer skin care routine. But before this, as soon as the temperatures start to rise, get your skin ready with these tips.

You need to pay special attention to your winter skin care routine. Although the outer layer of your skin is exposed to a range of external stressors throughout the year, in the colder months the onslaught results in increased fragility, cracking, peeling, discoloration… Defence is always the best attack. So to avoid or reduce this damage, the best thing you can do is learn about the best winter skin care regime. In this case, your care routine should be based on hydration (internal and external), sun protection and avoiding low temperatures.
Here you will more details on what your winter skin care routine should look like, and how you can do so with the help of Bioxán products.

About Bioxán

Bioxán is a cruelty free brand – that means none of our products are tested on animals. Not only do we care for the most sensitive and damaged skin, but we also respect and adhere to a commitment regarding the survival of other living beings. This is the only way we can comply with Directive 2003/15/EC of the European Parliament and Council.
The first phase of implementing this legislation began in 2004 and prohibited the sales of cosmetics tested on animals within the EU’s borders. Since 2013, the ban has also applied to toxicity testing. No beauty products that have been previously tested on living beings are now allowed to be sold within the EU’s borders. Some brands are still in the process of adapting to the directive, but Bioxán is 100% compliant and excludes testing on animals from its product testing.

All Bioxán products and creams are dermatologically tested before being marketed to avoid damage to any skin type. Unsurprisingly, care and respect for the most sensitive and damaged skin was the brand’s starting point. This goal is still one of the basic foundations of the raison d’être and mission of this organic cosmetics company.
We use 100% natural ingredients (such as Vitamins E and C) and avoid parabens and perfumes so that the body’s protective barrier is absolutely respected. With these ingredients, and having created the perfect formula for our creams and beauty products, we dermatologically test them to avoid any further deterioration of the skin being treated.

Natural prebiotics in cosmetics are dead or dehydrated bacteria that are included within the list of product ingredients through the process of freeze-drying. They are 100% natural organic ingredients that help improve skin health. All Bioxán beauty creams and items contain these. This is how they keep the body’s protective barrier safe and nourish it efficiently and fully so that it is able to resist the effects of free radicals.
Here we tell you more about the benefits of these “good” bacteria in regard to the health and regeneration of the body’s most extensive organ: the skin.

Bioxán creams are suitable for coeliacs because their natural ingredients do not include any gluten derivatives (protein which is found in wheat, barley, rye and so on). Most dermatological experts believe that large accidental intakes of gluten-containing cosmetic products would be necessary to endanger the health of coeliacs. Even so, some patients claim to experience skin reactions when they come into contact with creams or products that do not comply with the gluten free certification. This means that it is important to read not only the labels on food products but also when buying beauty products.
You can find out more about the condition and the suitability of Bioxán creams for coeliacs here.

Omega 3 is one of the components that allows Bioxán moisturisers to provide deep hydration to any type of skin. It is a group of fatty acids which, when applied directly, prevent the outer layer of the skin from drying out and help cells to regenerate. All our cosmetic products are based on 100% organic ingredients (such as Omega 3) and zero harmful additives (such as parabens).
Bioxán creams are the most hydrating on the market – mainly because they provide the natural nutrients the skin needs to remain supple, radiant and undamaged. Suitable for men and women, they achieve the right level of hydration in combination, oily, sensitive and dry skin. In this list of essential cosmetics, we demonstrate the importance of moisturisers.

Sometimes it appears as if the face cream packaging isn’t working, but in fact it really only needs a few more tries. This container is equipped with a special safety mechanism – the airless system – which keeps the product qualities intact. It is the opposite of traditional packaging, which fails to protect the cosmetic from air and oxygen. As a result, the creams’ properties are compromised and the structure of the skin is altered. In this post, we describe the causes of such deterioration.
The airless system used in Bioxán containers provides a dosed amount of the product so that only the amount needed is dispensed from the container. It is very simple to use, although sometimes the security seal can require a bit more pumping. However, this does not mean that the face cream packaging has been spoiled.

Any of Bioxán’s creams are suitable for all skin types, so their texture should ensure both oil control and improved hydration after use. Having said this, it is worth explaining:
The body cream has a dry texture, which means that it is not greasy and is quickly absorbed. It instantly seems as though we haven’t applied anything. However, the results soon appear with regular use. The skin is more hydrated and balanced.
The face cream has a more fluid feel, especially because of its higher concentration of repair oils. This means it can leave a more oily feeling. But that’s all – just the way it feels.
Either way, Bioxán moisturisers are formulated from natural ingredients, without the use of silicones or other tensioning ingredients which are not considered advisable for the skin.

Bioxán offers paraben-free moisturisers. Parabens are chemicals that are used in cosmetics and toiletries to preserve their characteristics. Their main objective is to extend the shelf life of products. Otherwise, many would have to be marketed as single-dose or kept refrigerated. Although the health authorities do not prohibit them (at least, so long as they do not exceed the established limits), more and more consumers are rejecting them to avoid possible damage to the skin. In this post, we provide more information.
Unsurprisingly, cases of allergy caused by these chemical insecticides in beauty products are on the rise. To avoid any risk and facilitate the choice of skin-friendly products, brands such as Bioxán already display on product labelling that they do not contain parabens.

Bioxán creams are compatible with oncology treatments because they have been specially formulated for cancer patients’ skin care. Pharmacist Ana Victoria Ugidos is responsible for this “magic recipe”. After observing the effects of chemotherapy on her niece Luna’s skin, she researched all possible combinations of natural ingredients with moisturising and regenerating powers. Thanks to Bioxán creams, Luna was able to cope with the side effects of the treatments that the skin of child cancer patients have to endure.
Hydration, sun protection, products without perfume or parabens, and loose clothing… these are the basics that any skin care routine should include before, during and after cancer treatments – as we explain here in regard to breast cancer cases.

Bioxán moisturisers are perfect for the treating adults and children with atopic dermatitis. Their formula – based on natural ingredients – contributes to the regeneration and deep hydration of skin with this condition – one of the most delicate and damaged. About 18% of children suffer from this chronic disease which, although not always palpable, can cause many problems and discomfort at any age, from localised irritation to inflammation.
Although atopic dermatitis is a disease that cannot be cured, sufferers’ quality of life can be improved. Applying Bioxán moisturisers helps recovery as well as prevention of the most serious outbreaks.

Bioxán creams can be purchased in pharmacies, para-pharmacies and medical-aesthetic centres throughout Spain. More and more specialist outlets are selling our products because of the benefits and care they offer to all skin types. If your usual pharmacy works with our laboratories, you only have to send a request for the cosmetics to be shipped. In a few days, you will have them at your disposal, ready for use. Even so, another of the purchase options most used by our customers is to buy online, via our website. This way, in addition to getting the products sent directly to your door, you can look in detail at their characteristics, applications and how to use them.
International customers can buy Bioxán creams via Amazon, through its UK, Italy, France and Germany sites.

Yes, one of the essential characteristics of Bioxán creams is their suitability for topical use. Their moisturising and regenerating formula, made up of 100% natural ingredients, is applied directly to the skin (whatever the type) so that it absorbs all the nutrients directly. What is more, the lack of parabens and perfumes makes these products an effective and long-lasting solution against the skin deteriorating.
Regular topical use of Bioxán creams guarantees visible results: damaged skin is significantly improved and the harmful effects of external agents and diseases on it are reduced. Each of the products is specially created to cover the needs of different areas of the body. For all of them, the dermatological tests support topical use.

Bioxán creams are recommended by dermatologists, doctors, pharmacists and beauty experts for their remarkable and proven benefits on all skin types, but particularly skin that is very damaged. The results that pharmacist Ana Victoria Ugidos achieved after applying her first master formula led to fame and recognition among the medical community. Since then, the natural ingredients and lack of parabens and perfumes have made Bioxán creams the best recommendation for skin care.
Not surprisingly, all our products use ingredients from BTSA – the first company in Europe to produce natural antioxidants, natural Vitamin E and Omega 3. They are also endorsed by Spain’s General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists.

Bioxán creams are organic because they use natural ingredients – such as Vitamin E and Omega 3 – in their formulation. This is the opposite of many cosmetic products, which are created on the basis of chemical components, preservatives, parabens, sulphates, and so on – all of which gradually damage the skin and can even cause allergies or skin problems.
Our products are part of the group of organic cosmetics that seeks to care for all skin types using natural resources, while caring for nature and the environment. To achieve this, we use ingredients from BTSA – a company well-regarded for its distribution of 100% natural ingredients for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical and animal nutrition industries.

One of the main reasons Bioxán creams are recommended is because of their ability to achieve a balance between good and bad bacteria. There are also living organisms on the skin – its bacterial flora – which help it to fight the damaging effect of external agents. However, some cosmetic products that are made with chemical ingredients not only destroy harmful bacteria, but also directly attack the skin’s protective ability.
Bioxán creams protect the bacterial flora and strengthen the immune system and provide the skin with an extra supply of natural elements such as Omega 3. Here we explain more about the benefit of creams that contain bacteria and prebiotics.

Our products are ideal for preserving the skin’s functioning. Therefore, Bioxán creams are indeed recommended for restoring skin that has been damaged by harsh treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is worth remembering that the formula was created by pharmacist Ana Victoria Ugidos as a solution to her little niece Luna’s skin problems. The little girl had to undergo various treatments to overcome the bladder cancer she had been diagnosed with as a baby. As a result, her skin was dry, inflamed and flaky.
Its 100% natural content and the lack of ingredients harmful to the skin (such as parabens and silicones) mean that Bioxán creams are ideal for treating damaged skin and for anyone who wishes to preserve their skin’s properties.

Our products are designed to regenerate and moisturise. They are made from organic ingredients and their main goal is to recover the skin’s bacterial balance and help protect it. This is precisely why applying them is a fundamental step before exposing your skin to the sun. However, this does not replace the role of a sun cream. Some experts say that Bioxán creams have a similar effect to that of “after sun” creams.
Healthy, well-cared-for skin requires cleansing, moisturising and sun protection every day of the year. This means applying moisturiser to clean skin followed by sun cream (at least 30 minutes before going out). In this post we explain the consequences of not following these steps.

Bioxán does not send samples of its products to customers’ homes, but does make them available at its usual outlets. If you would like to try any of our organic creams or cosmetics, just go to your nearest pharmacy. This will mean you can experience first-hand the beneficial effects of the entire Bioxán Neo range on the skin: hydration, regeneration, radiance… In this section of our website you can find all the outlets we work with.
If the samples meet your expectations, you can purchase our products through our online store. Your order will be ready within 24 to 48 hours and you should receive it at home in about three days.

An increasing number of people are professionally testing cosmetic products to demonstrate their pros and cons to their social media followers. If you are one of these and wish to endorse the benefits of Bioxán creams on the skin, first of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in our products. And we need more information about you. Please send us your details and links to your public profiles, website or blog for us to review. Our marketing department will check the viability of what you are doing, based on different factors, and let you know of our decision as soon as possible.
And please don’t forget that you will find free samples at our outlets.