Healthy skin

Caring for, protecting and regenerating fragile or damaged skin

Our goal has from the very beginning been to help fragile, damaged and reactive skin regain its natural health and well-being.

At Bioxán, we work for skin care and are pioneers in developing treatments that soothe, improve and regenerate even the most damaged skin.

Committed to nature

In our formulas we use up to 99% of ingredients that are of natural origin, for skin care that is
as effective as it is respectful.

Our ingredients

Committed to innovation

In a changing world that is moving at great speed, our response cannot be static. Every day raises questions to which we need to find answers and every problem, a challenge to be overcome.


Committed to science

Our essence is science. We work with methods that enable us to obtain proven results.
We run clinical studies and base our work on research.


We are inspired by nature, by the renewing strength of plants and flowers, by their power to restore, and their life force.


We put a great deal of effort and resources into being more responsible and efficient every day

We believe in the power of small gestures. And so we work to make all our working and production
processes more sustainable. Because every little thing adds up.

We are committed to reusing and recycling, so if you give us back the empty cap and container of
our products we will give you €3 there and then.


Words and intentions are important. But they are not enough. That is why we have developed a people-centred accountability programme.

Responsibility towards society

We offer the highest quality in our products and we demand the maximum rigor in the fulfilling our promises.

Responsibility towards people

We believe in a peaceful coexistence between work and personal life. We are committed to reconciling, coexistence and respect so that we can give the best of each of us.

Our customers are the heart of Bioxán. Helping them to have a healthier skin, with its natural radiance and vitality, is our greatest desire.