“Bioxán’s story was born out of love and the need to do something to alleviate a belove one´s suffering.”

Ana Victoria Ugidos

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The Start

The diagnosis, at just a few months old, was of a very aggressive cancer. After radiation and chemotherapy treatments, the disease was overcome, but the skin was severely damaged, and was red, swollen and peeling. The discomfort, itching and pain were constant.


The Founder

Ana Victoria Ugidos is a pharmacist, researcher and the CEO of Btsa – Europe’s first company to manufacture natural vitamin E and natural antioxidants for the food, cosmetics and diet industry.

Our Ingredients

Understanding the regenerating power of antioxidants and the powerful healing effect of natural active ingredients such as prebiotics and Omega 3, she began researching a formula to improve devastated skin. She had two objectives: to provide symptomatic relief from skin discomfort and to regenerate it deep-down in order to return it to its natural state of health.


Provide symptomatic relief from skin discomfort.


Regenerate it in depth to return it to its natural state of health.

The Formula

The research work, done using a scientific methodology, resulted in an impressive formula containing a high percentage of natural ingredients.

“When we saw that skin was truly reacting to the formula and was regenerating itself, I realised that, just as I had helped, I could help everyone else with fragile or damaged skin”.

The effects were spectacular. The skin, which had been so badly damaged, began to improve soon after applying the product. The inflammation and redness were totally reduced and the relief from the itching and tightness was almost immediate. After a few days, the skin looked healthy and renewed. It had regained its natural good condition.

About us

The Patent

Since then we have continued to research the renewing power of natural active ingredients such as vitamin E. And in 2017, as a result of all this work, we were awarded a patent for our invention, as a result of developing a regenerating cosmetic composition, aimed especially at sensitive skin and/or radiotherapy post-treatments.

Research and Science

The future

Today Bioxán offers a select collection of exquisite products for caring for the face and body, each containing a maximum concentration of natural ingredients.

Bioxán Collection

We hope you’ll come with us.

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