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Do you want to identify your skin type?

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Most of us like to look younger than we are. But this doesn't just depend on genetics, it also depends on the care and treatment we give our skin: healthy habits, care routines and a good attitude are the basis of perfect skin.

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Men's and women's skin are very different and therefore need specific care. Testosterone, shaving, thickness and fat are all variables that influence this. While everyone's skin is unique, in general men's skin is thicker, more oily and ages differently.

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After analyzing your answers you will most likely have DRY SKIN. The main enemies of this type of skin are dehydration and irritation. How do you beat them? Tightness and dryness come with dry skin, and it can look rough and even flaky. Dryness also leads to premature skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. That's why fighting dry skin is so important for beauty.

Dry skin on the face - technically known as xerosis cutis - can be caused by several reasons. On the one hand, external stressors cause deterioration by removing natural hydration. Excessive skin hygiene can also cause dryness, as can certain medications. And, of course, age is another trigger.


Dry skin care: creams with strong moisturising effect

What steps are suitable for this type of skin? First, avoid dry environments by using a humidifier wherever possible. Also, avoid over-using hot water on the skin and follow suitable cleaning guidelines, using products that are not too harsh and do not contain perfumes or parabens so as to avoid further irritation.

Bioxán has creams that are suitable for dry skin that nourish deep-down and prevent it drying out further. Stopping it is the first step, and then allowing it to restore its natural hydration. For this, Bioxán provides all the natural ingredients your skin needs to recover its elasticity and firmness. Whether your skin suffers as a result of medical treatments or dryness from genetic or environmental causes, Bioxán creams will give you the extra moisture you are looking for.

Please also remember to be careful with some extra treatments that can further damage the skin. For example, it is recommended to limit the use of exfoliants to about two applications a month.

Caring for dry skin: our advice


- Moisturise the skin properly every day

- Use alcohol-free tonics and other products to avoid drying out the skin

- Apply a moisturising mask at least once a week to compensate for the lack of water

- After showering, moisturise your skin well and avoid very hot water

- Pay special attention to your lips and eye contour as these are drier areas

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After analyzing your answers you will most likely have MIXED SKIN. Depending on the part of your body, and in particular your face, your skin can appear different and has different needs, depending on how well moisturised it is. This can be seen with people who have combination skin with two problems and one solution: on the one hand, the T-zone looks oily while the temples and cheeks are dry and feel tight. Therefore, you need to take action on both. And the key is hydration.

That's right - moisture is needed on both oily and dry skin. The difference is based on the water requirements of each of the areas. This is why Bioxán has developed a range of face creams suitable for combination skin and which deeply nourishes all skin types.

How is that possible? By using natural ingredients that all skins need: Vitamin E for its antioxidant effects; Vitamin C and its anti-ageing and depigmenting characteristics; and Omega 3 to provide greater elasticity... with all these ingredients, our creams are able to nourish all types of skin deep-down, and achieve visible results.

Beautiful skin, healthy skin: try our moisturisers which are suitable for combination skin

Combination skin is not the same as normal skin and needs special care. If you want a good moisturiser, look for one that provides the vitamins your skin needs every day.

5 basic steps for combination skin:

- Clean your face every day with cold or warm water

- Use oil-free moisturisers to avoid adding oil to your skin

- Include exfoliation and the use of a mask to your weekly beauty routine

- Use a suitable sunscreen designed specifically for the face and the rest of the body

- Use matt makeup to avoid shiny areas appearing

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After analyzing your answers you will most likely have normal skin.

If your skin is pink, thin, soft, smooth, almost never appear pimples and pores are very small you can say you have a normal or eudermic skin. It is the skin properly hydrated, balanced, that does not have signs of alteration and is in good health.

Normal skin is the least common in women and men and yet the most desired by anyone. It is a flexible and resistant skin, the one that is never affected by the climate change and always keeps in perfect state.

However, the human body suffers constant hormonal changes and this can cause changes in the pH, which means that our normal skin can become dry or sensitive if we neglect it and do not moisturize it properly.

Creams suitable for all skin types, even those without imperfections

Just because you have normal skin doesn't mean you should neglect it when it comes to daily care. It is important to follow a treatment and establish a daily routine because even normal skin needs hydration and nutrition to look healthy and aesthetically beautiful.

First of all, cleanliness. It should be done twice a day: in the morning and at night. Both are the ideal moments to acquire the habit and not to forget that we must apply our treatment every day. It is recommended to use cleansing milk or tonic directed to normal skin or dry skin.

Afterwards, we must use a moisturizing cream for normal skin, being valid also those for dry skin. At night it is always better to opt for a cream with regenerating properties. In this sense, the Bioxan creams are the indicated ones. Both body and face creams are suitable for all skin types, adapting to the moisturizing requirements of each. In addition, the ingredients they incorporate ensure the optimal level of nutrition and hydration.

As for facial care, using a facial exfoliant that removes all dead cells is essential to prevent the appearance of impurities. This effect will be multiplied if we accompany it with a facial cream with active ingredients, the perfect complement to help the skin fulfill its protective barrier function. Especially important to fulfill this function is Natural Vitamin E, the main active ingredient applied in the formulation of our treatments.

Moisturizing body lotions with a soft, light and quickly absorbed texture are the most suitable for the maintenance of normal skin. But sometimes it is not enough to take care of the skin from the outside, so it is necessary to take care of it from the inside as well.


By maintaining a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that provides the skin with the vitamins, oligoelements and antioxidants it needs, drinking at least two liters of water to achieve better hydration, applying the cream before going to bed and leaving it on during the hours of sleep (7 or 8 is recommended) and doing physical exercise to maintain a healthy skin.

If the skin is properly cleaned and hydrated every day following these steps of cleaning and care, it will remain healthy and radiant for a long time.


- To be constant in the care of the skin.

- Cleanse twice a day.

- Use an exfoliant once or twice a week.

- Choose products with moisturizing and protective substances for the day and nourishing and regenerating ingredients for the night.

- Avoid products with parabens, alcohol or artificial substances that can irritate and damage the skin's protective barrier.

- Protect the skin from the sun to avoid the effects of radiation that lead to premature aging.

- Always choose the right products for your skin type, as those for oily or combination skin could be harmful.

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After analyzing your answers, your skin will most likely be SENSITIVE. There are more and more people who have this type of skin, because our pace of life, stress or pollution are factors that give rise to this frequent problem. It can also be caused by bad cosmetic habits, not removing make-up or using products that are not adapted to our skin and end up irritating it and making it more fragile.

Often we know that we have sensitive skin because we begin to notice certain symptoms such as tightness, excessive heat or discomfort. Other times redness, itching, burning, rashes, flaking or dryness can occur. Knowing the origin and type of sensitivity is fundamental to being able to apply the correct treatment.

Sensitive skin is also called reactive or intolerant, and is that which reacts in an exaggerated way when exposed to certain external stimuli. Those that cause greater sensitivity are dry and cold weather, temperature changes, excessive sun exposure, the application of products that can irritate or produce allergies (preservatives, perfumes ...), stress and some plants or foods, among others.

Sensitive skin can affect any area, although in general it is in the skin of the face where it occurs more frequently. It needs hydration with active ingredients that help strengthen the skin barrier and relieve the symptoms. For the defence of the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals the best active principle is Natural Vitamin E

As the protective barrier is weakened, the skin loses water more easily and causes it to dry out excessively, making the skin even more sensitive. In addition, restoring the well-being of sensitive skin will be easy thanks to another of our ingredients, prebiotics. These are oligosaccharides whose main function is to have an immediate intensive regenerating effect on the skin.


- Use light textures in your facial routine.

- Cleanse your face daily with products aimed at sensitive skin.

- Avoid products that involve an aggressive massage on the skin.

- Apply products with soothing properties to help your skin recover.

- Apply a moisturizer at least twice a day, both on the body and face.

- Sun protection is essential for all skin types, but is especially important for delicate skin.

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After analyzing your answers, it is very likely that  you have OIL SKIN.  A good moisturiser for oily skin is important because not all products have the nourishing qualities that this type of skin needs. Light creams are often recommended but they provide barely any hydration and thus fail to perform their basic function - namely, to keep your skin in top condition, whatever its type. Others can be difficult to absorb which magnifies the problem by making the skin appear even oilier. Regardless of what your skin is like, it needs water to be supple and healthy.

Our skin, no matter what characteristics it has, needs water to be flexible and healthy. It is up to us to "feed" it correctly.
Oily skin care, as a rule, is quite strict when it comes to what products can be used but thanks to Bioxán this type of skin will find the necessary level of hydration to offer not only vitality but also well-being to anyone who needs it.


Contrary to what many people believe, oily skin can be dehydrated even if it does not appear tight to the touch. This occurs mainly in areas such as the cheeks or the T-zone between the forehead and the eyebrows, which suffer from increased flaking. The use of overly astringent products can also result in an uncomfortable dryness for people with seborrheic skin. The skin ends up becoming more fragile, loses water and becomes more sensitive, with redness and even itching.

How to prevent it or fix it? By getting a deep hydration. The best oily skin creams are those that solve this problem, since they moisturize but do not cause that oily feeling that worries those who suffer from it so much. Beauty is hydrated, firm and flexible skin, the best definition of what it means to have healthy skin with the right level of hydration. In Bioxán we have the solution.


- Avoid the use of very aggressive cleaners

- Extreme cleanliness of the face, with a good routine in the morning and at night

- Use light-textured cosmetics (such as Bioxan)

- Use at least once a week exfoliant to reduce excess fat

- If there are pimples, do not touch them to avoid major infections

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