The anti-pollution effect – extra protection for your skin

Pollution is one of the most potentially damaging external factors for the health of your skin.

It has a number of consequences – most notably cell ageing and breaking down skin tissue.

To combat the harmful effects of pollution, Bioxán has developed a new formula enriched with a combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C – two powerful antioxidants whose effects combine to regenerate and restore your skin and protect and defend it from damage caused by pollution.

ingrediente crema antipolución
ingrediente crema antipolución

Bioxán treatments, enriched with this new formulation and their high concentration of Vitamin E, ensure a powerful anti-pollution effect:

  • Helps to form the skin’s surface, providing deep-down regeneration
  • Maintains an optimal level of hydration that strengthens the skin’s barrier function
  • Delays oxidation of cells, and preserves their vitality for longer
  • Creates a firming effect on the skin
  • Diminishes and blurs skin spots
  • Anti-inflammatory, softening and calming effect

Vitamin E is also a natural protector against the sun’s UVB rays, which can lead to some skin conditions.

What effect does pollution have on the skin?

Skin that is exposed to pollution secretes more sebum and lactic acid which causes a lower level of subcutaneous acidity compared to unexposed skin.

cremas antioxidantes

Skin that is exposed to pollution contains less cholesterol, squalane and vitamin E – the main antioxidants on the skin’s surface – and they deteriorate to reduce the skin’s oxidative stress.

Factors that can be used as possible anti-pollution markers include skin pH, vitamin E levels, lactic acid, elastin, collagen and triglycerides.

Intensive regeneration and repair

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