Prebiotics – a powerful natural defence

To restore the skin’s natural healthy state, it is essential that it can fulfil its defensive and protective function.

Bioxán Neo products are rich in a-Oligosaccharides – a natural prebiotic present in vegetables such as artichoke, onion and garlic. It is also found in fruits (such as bananas), cereals (such as wheat and oats), legumes and honey.

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a-Oligosaccharides have multiple properties, but above all they serve to protect the eco-flora – the skin’s bacterial ecosystem that functions as a defence barrier and strengthens the immune system.
Its main function within the range of Bioxán Neo products is the immediate intensive regenerating effect it has on the skin.
It also helps to restore the saprophytic flora that is removed after daily skin cleansing and restore the hands’ bacterial flora which is affected by the continuous use of soaps and detergents.

Prebiotics: a-Oligosaccharides

α– Oligosacáridos are natural prebiotic ingredients and are a type of molecule composed of cyclic monosaccharides (2 to 9) linked by glycosidic bonds. These a-Oligosaccharides are usually linked to proteins and/or lipids. When they bind to proteins they form so-called glycoproteins and when they bind to lipids they form glycolipids.


Main properties

Intensive regeneration and repair

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