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General terms for using the website

Laboratorio BIOXÁN (hereinafter “BIOXÁN”) hereby notifies you that access to and use of the website and all URLs, subdomains and directories included under it, as well as any services or content that can be obtained through this site, are subject to the terms set out under this Legal Notice, notwithstanding the fact that access to any of these services or content may require the acceptance of general, specific or additional terms and conditions.

Therefore, if you do not accept the terms of this Legal Notice, we ask you not to use this website, as using it or the services and content included in it implies that you accept the legal terms set out in the text of this Legal Notice.

Due to the very nature of the internet, given that this website could be accessed from anywhere in the world, its contents, as well as the services that BIOXÁN offers in general, are aimed at customers from any country. However, when a request is made to purchase any type of services and content offered, BIOXÁN reserves the right to refuse to provide services or send content to, or in, countries it deems appropriate.

BIOXÁN reserves the right to make changes to the website without prior notice, for the purposes of correcting, changing, adding, cancelling or removing the website’s contents or design. The website services and contents are liable to be updated periodically and, since information is not updated immediately, we recommend you always check the validity and accuracy of the information, services and contents contained here.

The terms and conditions of use contained in this Legal Notice may change. We therefore recommend that you review these when you return to the website or request a new service. Likewise, this Legal Notice shall be understood without prejudice to any other General Terms or Specific Terms that regulate access to specific goods and services within the website.


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Their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar action is totally prohibited unless expressly authorised in writing by their creator or rights owner.

In any event, BIOXÁN explicitly states its respect for third parties’ intellectual and industrial property rights. If, therefore, you believe this site may be violating your rights, please contact BIOXÁN by completing the form you will find by clicking here.


Through this website, Laboratorio BIOXÁN provides or may provide you with access to other websites that it considers may be of interest to you. The purpose of these links is merely to facilitate the search for resources that may be of interest to you on the internet. However, these websites are not the property of Laboratorio BIOXÁN, nor does BIOXÁN review their contents. It is not therefore responsible for them, or the functioning of the linked page or any possible damages that may result from accessing or using them. In addition, Laboratorio BIOXÁN fully respects any intellectual or industrial property rights that correspond, or may correspond, to third parties, in regard to the websites to which the aforementioned links refer. For this reason, if you consider that the establishing of these links might be violating your rights, please contact BIOXÁN via the following e-mail address [email protected].

In general, external links and email addresses to the website are authorised, except where BIOXÁN expressly states otherwise. In addition, for this general authorisation to be applicable, these links must respect the following condition: establishing the link does not in itself imply any type of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation on BIOXÁN’s part in regard to the website making the link.

Regardless, BIOXÁN may at any time withdraw the authorisation described above without needing to give any reason. In this case, as soon as it receives a notification from BIOXÁN that the authorisation has been revoked, the website containing the link must remove it immediately.


BIOXÁN expressly prohibits framings or the use by third parties of any other mechanism that alters the website’s design, original configuration or contents.


Advertising by BIOXÁN or by third parties that we consider may interest you will be displayed on the website.

Notwithstanding the provisions of its Privacy Policy, BIOXÁN undertakes not to provide information about you to advertisers, except for anonymous statistical data about use of the website, for the purposes of improving the service and products offered based on users’ expectations.

However, BIOXÁN hereby notifies you that advertisers and suppliers may use cookies to collect information about you, how you use the services, and how you move around the internet. Due to having no connection with any use the advertising company makes of this information, BIOXÁN is not responsible for these companies information collection.

BIOXÁN may use cookies when a user browses its websites and pages. The cookies that may be used on Laboratorio BIOXÁN websites and pages are associated only with the browser on a specific computer (an anonymous user), and do not in themselves provide any personal data about the user. Cookies are only used for internal purposes, such as statistics regarding access to this website. These cookies are not able to read cookie files created by other providers or websites. The User has the option of configuring their browser so that they get an on-screen warning about receipt of cookies and also to prevent cookies from being installed on their device. Please refer to your browser’s instructions and manuals for more information. To use, the user does need to allow cookies from BIOXÁN to be installed. For more information, please see our cookie policy.


Regulation (EU) 2016/679 harmonises data protection legislation across the European Union, increasing the protection of natural persons who hold personal data, and giving them greater control over their data.

At BIOXÁN we have always been concerned about protecting your data. We have therefore updated our Privacy Policy in order to align it with the new regulation and to inform you of the changes that affect your rights:

Who is the data controller for your personal data?

LABORATORIOS BIOXÁN SL, with tax code B86962602 and registered office at Calle Arroba 4, 28805 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

For what purpose do we process your data?

The data that BIOXÁN collects through different channels (website, email, forms) as part of its business activity are processed for the following purposes:

  • Managing and processing information requests.
  • Managing subscriptions to our magazines and publications.
  • Sending commercial advertising communications and promotional offers.
  • Sending newsletters.
  • Managing the shipping, collection and invoicing of orders placed.

How long do we keep your data?

  • In regard to suppliers, customers, partners and staff, we keep your data for the duration of your contractual relationship with us.
  • For staff selection processes, we keep your data for the duration of the process.

Why do we use your personal data?

Your personal data are processed by BIOXÁN on the following legal grounds:

  • Your consent, provided voluntarily by any means (paper forms, online forms, email).
  • For maintaining, developing and implementing our contractual relationship with you, in the case of (i) provision of services; (ii) employment, commercial, administrative, or other relationship.

Who will we communicate your data to?

Your data will be kept under strict security measures that guarantee their confidentiality and security. Similarly, they will only be transferred to the following organisations and for the following purposes:

  • The data supplied may be transferred to BTSA group companies. For information on the group’s companies, please click on the following link:
  • Customers’ data will not be passed on to third parties, unless we are legally obliged to do so.
  • Organisations and suppliers that provide services to BIOXÁN to ensure our activities are correctly implemented. These organisations and suppliers are duly verified and sign an appropriate data processing contract with us in accordance with current data protection regulations.

Examples of the services they provide to us and that may involve processing your personal data on behalf of BIOXÁN, include but are not limited to the following: multidisciplinary professional services, logistics, legal advice, technology and computer services, messaging and delivery, maintenance, security and surveillance, advertising and marketing, and so on.

What are your rights?

Everyone has the right to know if BIOXÁN is processing their personal data. You are also entitled to:

  • Access your personal data
  • Request that inaccurate data be rectified
  • Request that they be erased when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected
  • Object to your data being processed for reasons related to your particular situation, and request that they not be processed by BIOXÁN
  • In certain circumstances, the right to request that processing of your data be restricted. In this case, we will only keep the data for the purposes of handling or defending any claims or complaints
  • At any time, withdraw the consent you have given, without affecting the legality of any processing we have done prior to such withdrawal

When you exercise your rights to erase, object, restrict or withdraw your consent, BIOXÁN will stop processing your data, except for compelling legitimate reasons or for the purposes of handling or defending any claims or complaints.

All these rights can be exercised by contacting us via: LABORATORIOS BIOXÁN SL, tax code B86962602 and registered office at Calle Arroba 4 (Parque Tecnológico Tecnoalcala), Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, 28805 or by email [email protected].

Please always bear in mind that if you exercise any of the rights outlined, you will need to include a copy of your ID card or equivalent document that allows us to verify your identity.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with how we have dealt with your rights, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency via their website

What channels do we use to collect your data?

BIOXÁN collects personal data through the following channels:

  • Emails
  • Forms/Questionnaires (online, electronic or paper)
  • Business card exchange
  • Service contracts

What categories of data do we process?

We process the following categories of data, depending on the circumstances of your relationship with us:

  • Identification data
  • Email addresses
  • Commercial information
  • Economic/financial data
  • Especially protected data is not processed

What security measures do we apply to personal data?

Please know that BIOXÁN has in place the necessary security measures to prevent the theft or alteration of the data, as well as unauthorised access to it, taking into consideration the status of technology, costs of implementation, and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing, as well as risks of varying probability and seriousness in regard to the rights and freedoms of natural persons.

Where services are subcontracted, we require and ensure that the data processor applies the appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee a level of security that is adequate for existing risks, as set out in Article 32 of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We also carry out Impact Assessments on any processing operations that we deem may pose a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals, for the purposes of implementing the necessary and appropriate measures to avoid a breach of confidentiality.

What can you do if you don’t want to receive marketing communications from us?

In accordance with Spain’s Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act (“LSSICE”), you can cancel your subscription to any of the services, as well as object to receiving advertising information, by sending the word “STOP” to the following addresses LABORATORIOS BIOXÁN SL, tax code  B86962602 and registered office at Calle Arroba 4 (Parque Tecnológico Tecnoalcala), Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, 28805 or by emailing [email protected]



The user undertakes to use the website’s services in accordance with the terms set out in this Legal Notice, and to be responsible for its correct use.

Any user acting against the image, good name or reputation of BIOXÁN, or anyone who unlawfully or fraudulently uses the website’s designs, logos or contents and/or violates in any way the website’s intellectual and industrial property rights or its contents and services, shall be liable to BIOXÁN for their actions.


Incorrect use:

BIOXÁN has created the website to promote its products and/or services. However, it cannot control the use of these in any way other than that provided for under this Legal Notice. Therefore, accessing and correctly using the information contained in the website is the responsibility of whoever carries out these actions, and BIOXÁN shall not be liable for any incorrect, illicit or negligent use of it by the user.


BIOXÁN provides all the contents of its website, under conditions of good faith, and makes every effort to ensure that they remain up to date and applicable. Nevertheless, BIOXÁN cannot assume any responsibility for users’ use or access beyond the purpose for which the website is intended, and for which the user is ultimately responsible. Similarly, BIOXÁN cannot control any contents not prepared by it or by third parties doing so on its behalf. It shall not therefore under any circumstances be held responsible for any damages, contents and technical outages that could be caused by those third parties.


BIOXÁN will include its own or third-party advertising on the website with the aim of offering you products or services it believes may be of interest to you. However, in regard to third-party advertising, BIOXÁN cannot control the appearance of such advertising, or the quality and suitability of the products or services to which it refers, and therefore will not be liable for any damage that may be caused to the user by such causes attributable to third parties.


BIOXÁN undertakes to apply, as far as possible, the appropriate measures in its power to try to guarantee to users the absence of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spam, etc on its website. However, these measures are not 100% infallible and, therefore, BIOXÁN cannot totally guarantee the absence of these unwanted components. Consequently, BIOXÁN will not be responsible for any damages that these may cause to the user.

Technological failures:

BIOXÁN provides the necessary resources to ensure the continuity of this website and will use best efforts to ensure it does not suffer outages. However, it cannot guarantee that there will be no technological faults, or that the website and its services will be available at all times. Consequently, it does not assume any responsibility for damages arising from a lack of availability or due to failed access caused by disconnections, outages, overloads or network failures that are not attributable to BIOXÁN.


In the event of any dispute or conflict in interpreting the terms contained in this Legal Notice, as well as any matter related to this website’s services, Spanish Law shall apply.

For the resolution of any conflict arising from visiting the website, BIOXÁN and the user agree to submit to the judges and courts of MADRID.