Moisturiser for oily skin

crema hidratante piel grasaChoosing a good moisturiser for oily skin is important because not all products have the nourishing qualities that this type of skin needs. Light creams are often recommended but they provide barely any hydration and thus fail to perform their basic function – namely, to keep your skin in top condition, whatever its type. Others can be difficult to absorb which magnifies the problem by making the skin appear even oilier.Regardless of what your skin is like, it needs water to be supple and healthy. It is up to you to nourish it properly. To help with this, Bioxán has designed a range of face and body products with the highest quality ingredients that have two main characteristics: on the one hand, they provide the highest possible level of hydration in a completely natural way thanks to ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Omega 3. On the other hand, their intelligent design means they are suitable for all skin types, regardless of sex or age, and provide each skin type with what it needs for more cell regeneration.

Oily skin care is generally quite specific when it comes to the products that should be used. Bioxán, however, provides this type of skin with the necessary level of hydration to bring both vitality and well-being.

Treat oily dehydrated skin with our creams

Contrary to what many people believe, oily skin can actually be dehydrated even if it does not feel tight. This happens mainly in areas such as the cheeks or T-zone between the forehead and the eyebrows, which suffer from increased flaking. The use of overly astringent products can also lead to uncomfortable dryness for people with seborrheic skin. The skin ends up becoming more fragile, loses water content and becomes more sensitive, with redness and even itching.

How can you prevent or fix it? The secret is deep-down hydration. The best oily skin creams are those that solve this problem – because they moisturise but without causing that greasy feeling that is of such concern to people with oily skin. Beauty means hydrated, firm and flexible skin – the best definition of what it means to have healthy skin with the right level of hydration. Do you have a different problem and are looking for a dry skin moisturiser? Or are you thinking of choosing a combination skin moisturiser? At Bioxán we have the solution for you.

Care tips for oily skin

  1. Avoid using harsh cleansers
  2. Clean the face thoroughly in the morning and at night
  3. Use light-textured cosmetics
  4. Use a mask specifically designed to reduce excess oiliness at least once a week
  5. If you have pimples, do not touch them to avoid further infection

You have oily skin if you have…

  • Open pores that you can see
  • Shininess
  • Blackheads and/or pimples

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