Moisturiser for combination skin

crema hidratante piel mixtaGetting the right combination skin moisturiser is easy when you consider the specific needs of this skin type. Depending on the part of your body, and in particular your face, your skin can appear different and has different needs, depending on how well moisturised it is. This can be seen with people who have combination skin with two problems and one solution: on the one hand, the T-zone looks oily while the temples and cheeks are dry and feel tight. Therefore, you need to take action on both. And the key is hydration.

That’s right – moisture is needed on both oily and dry skin. The difference is based on the water requirements of each of the areas. This is why Bioxán has developed a range of face creams suitable for combination skin and which deeply nourishes all skin types.

How is that possible? By using natural ingredients that all skins need: Vitamin E for its antioxidant effects; Vitamin C and its anti-ageing and depigmenting characteristics; and Omega 3 to provide greater elasticity… with all these ingredients, our creams are able to nourish all types of skin deep-down, and achieve visible results.

Beautiful skin, healthy skin: try our moisturisers which are suitable for combination skin

Combination skin is not the same as normal skin and needs special care. If you want a good moisturiser, look for one that provides the vitamins your skin needs every day

Bioxán offers you the results from its cosmetics research in the form of one single moisturiser for all skin types – a cream that intelligently adjusts to the hydration requirements of each skin type. We have a range of specific products for each area: body, face, hands and feet. Each nourishes deep down so that your skin looks healthy and supple. Water is synonymous with health and each of our creams provides the necessary amount to make your skin more resistant to external stressors and premature ageing. If your skin is different and you are looking for a good moisturiser for oily skin or a moisturiser for dry skin, just ask us.

5 basic steps for combination skin:

  1. Clean your face every day with cold or warm water
  2. Use oil-free moisturisers to avoid adding oil to your skin
  3. Include exfoliation and the use of a mask to your weekly beauty routine
  4. Use a suitable sunscreen designed specifically for the face and the rest of the body
  5. Use matt makeup to avoid shiny areas appearing

You have combination skin if you have…

• Oiliness in the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin
• Your cheeks are prone to dryness
• Open pores

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