Moisturiser for dry skin

A good moisturiser for dry skin is one that is able to alleviate the effect of lack of moisture but also restore the right level of hydration. The main enemies of this type of skin are dehydration and irritation. How do you beat them? Tightness and dryness come with dry skin, and it can look rough and even flaky. Dryness also leads to premature skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. That’s why fighting dry skin is so important for beauty.

Dry skin on the face – technically known as xerosis cutis – can be caused by several reasons. On the one hand, external stressors cause deterioration by removing natural hydration. Excessive skin hygiene can also cause dryness, as can certain medications. And, of course, age is another trigger.

Moisturiser for dry skinDry skin care: creams with strong moisturising effect

What steps are suitable for this type of skin? First, avoid dry environments by using a humidifier wherever possible. Also, avoid over-using hot water on the skin and follow suitable cleaning guidelines, using products that are not too harsh and do not contain perfumes or parabens so as to avoid further irritation.

Bioxán has creams that are suitable for dry skin that nourish deep-down and prevent it drying out further. Stopping it is the first step, and then allowing it to restore its natural hydration. For this, Bioxán provides all the natural ingredients your skin needs to recover its elasticity and firmness. Whether your skin suffers as a result of medical treatments or dryness from genetic or environmental causes, Bioxán creams will give you the extra moisture you are looking for.

Contact please, also remember to be careful with some extra treatments that can further damage the skin. For example, it is recommended to limit the use of exfoliants to about two applications a month. Moisturising masks are a great ally for the treatment of dry skin as they allow it to recover from the lack of daily water and are a good shock treatment on which to base daily moisturising. If, on the other hand, what you need is a moisturiser for oily skin or a moisturiser for combination skin, at Bioxán we also have the solution. Please just ask!

Caring for dry skin: our advice

  1. Moisturise the skin properly every day
  2. Use alcohol-free tonics and other products to avoid drying out the skin
  3. Apply a moisturising mask at least once a week to compensate for the lack of water
  4. After showering, moisturise your skin well and avoid very hot water
  5. Pay special attention to your lips and eye contour as these are drier areas

Your skin is dry if it…

• Feels tight
• Is flaky
• Is rough to touch
• Itches

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