Benefits of natural antioxidants for the skin

Antioxidants are powerful substances that protect the body’s cells from the action of free radicals. Emitted when the body is exposed to harmful situations or environments such as pollution, radiation, sun exposure and so on, free radicals are primarily responsible for cellular inflammation and ageing.

When free radicals damage the body, they cause collagen proteins – which are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin – to break down. This is why it is so important to take care of your skin by using an antioxidant cream that is capable of reducing the action of free radicals and increases the production of collagen.

What is the role of antioxidants in the skin?

Antioxidants are particles that are capable of delaying or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. During the process of a molecule oxidising, a chain reaction – known as the production of free radicals – can occur, causing damages to cells and oxidising the skin.

Every day, our skin is exposed to external agents that cause cell oxidation and generate free radicals – things like tobacco smoke, pollution, UVA rays from the sun, stress, temperature variations, and so on. These free radicals break down the skin’s collagen and elastin. As these substances deteriorate, the skin loses its elasticity, expression lines form, and marks and wrinkles appear.

Antioxidants act as free radical blockers, preventing them from acting. This delays skin deterioration, wear and ageing and helps preserve the skin’s health.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Keep your skin young with antioxidants

To fight against the oxidation process and the action of free radicals, dermocosmetics offer products that help reverse the effects and signs of ageing on the skin.

Thanks to its high concentration of Vitamin E, our range of Bioxán Neo products line neutralises free radicals while preserving your skin’s health and beauty. In addition to antioxidants, these creams which are especially developed for skin regeneration, also incorporate a powerful combination of Vitamin C that helps repair tissues, maintain elasticity and resistance, and protect your skin from photoageing. The result is smoother, younger-looking and healthier skin.

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