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Red spots on your skin: should you be worried?

Petechiae. This is the medical term for the red spots that sometimes appear on the skin and can cause alarm. Should you be worried? When the good weather arrives, long hours in the sun and exposure to insect bites of all types, the risk of skin lesions also increases. Although not unique to the summer […]

The anti-ageing power of quinoa: benefits for your skin

Quinoa is a superfood that is worthy of being included in healthy, balanced diets because of the benefits it provides the body. What is it capable of when it comes to your skin? Blueberries, chia seeds, goji berries, kale, açaí… Every so often, new products are added to the list of superfoods – foods whose […]

Eat a diet rich in Vitamin E for perfect skin

Vitamin E is one of the most valuable antioxidants in the fight against cell deterioration, premature ageing and the development of chronic diseases. The skin is one of the organs that is most affected by an absence or abundance of Vitamin E. This compound brings many benefits that, applied daily in the right measure, contribute […]

How long does it take for a scar to disappear?

It is common to see children’s skin covered in bandages and plasters, from the multitude of mishaps that befall them in the park, on the street or at school. However, older people also have little accidents and mishaps that mark their skin – sometimes for several weeks at a time. These could be in the […]

Skin care in later life: essential advice

Age and the passage of time are noticeable in all organs of the human body. However skin, being the most extensive of all organs, is one that suffers most from damage – regardless of the steps or dermocosmetic products we have used throughout our lives. Sooner or later, the surface of the skin begins to […]

What is dermocosmetics?

In recent years, much has been said about dermocosmetics and its benefits for skin. But do we really understand what dermocosmetics means? Dermocosmetics is a discipline that sits between cosmetics and dermatology. In other words, dermocosmetic products are not considered to be medicines, but their benefits in terms of skin go beyond what cosmetics can […]

Benefits of natural antioxidants for the skin

Antioxidants are powerful substances that protect the body’s cells from the action of free radicals. Emitted when the body is exposed to harmful situations or environments such as pollution, radiation, sun exposure and so on, free radicals are primarily responsible for cellular inflammation and ageing. When free radicals damage the body, they cause collagen proteins […]

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