Eat a diet rich in Vitamin E for perfect skin

Vitamin E is one of the most valuable antioxidants in the fight against cell deterioration, premature ageing and the development of chronic diseases. The skin is one of the organs that is most affected by an absence or abundance of Vitamin E. This compound brings many benefits that, applied daily in the right measure, contribute to the maintenance of a strong, healthy and resistant immune system.

Discover: The benefits of Vitamin E for your skin

Usually, where tests indicate a shortage of Vitamin E, people will start taking nutritional supplements to provide the recommended minimum amounts of this compound. However, the same can also be achieved with the right diet. Before you start taking supplements, try including the following foods that contain vitamin E in your daily diet and you will notice changes to the skin on your face and body as well as around the rest of your body.

Foods that contain Vitamin E for healthy skin

Vitamin E is fat-soluble, which means it helps to neutralise the subsequent oxidation of fats and the production of free radicals. If you need an extra supply of this compound, add the following foods rich in Vitamin E to your shopping list:

  • Nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds or pistachios. They are best consumed either in their natural state or toasted, as they contain a significant amount of calories. They can also be included in dishes like salads, or used to add crunch to meats, and so on.
  • Olive oil. The king of Mediterranean cooking is a recognised source of Vitamin E. For this, and countless other reasons, it is one of the most recommended foods when it comes to healthy, balanced diets.
  • Leafy green vegetables. Chard, spinach, broccoli… These foods are a mine of nutrients in themselves, but their supply of Vitamin E is undeniable.
  • Sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds
  • Avocado. There are many benefits associated with this fruit of exotic origin that has steadily been conquering Spanish cuisine. It is a source of healthy fats and antioxidants – in particular Vitamin E.

If you want to see results as far as your skin is concerned, in addition to these five essential foods, you should use Bioxán creams and products. Our cosmetics are the only ones on the market to contain a higher natural concentration of Vitamin E. Try them and achieve healthy, cared for skin.



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