What is dermocosmetics?

In recent years, much has been said about dermocosmetics and its benefits for skin. But do we really understand what dermocosmetics means?
Dermocosmetics is a discipline that sits between cosmetics and dermatology. In other words, dermocosmetic products are not considered to be medicines, but their benefits in terms of skin go beyond what cosmetics can achieve. Dermocosmetic products are therefore indicated in situations where the natural pH of the skin needs to be maintained, to achieve a moisturising, soothing and decongestive effect – such as for skin care during oncology treatments.
Dermocosmetic products are also generally suitable for nourishing all skin types, and provide intensive regeneration even for skin that has special requirements, or is very dehydrated or damaged.
As a general rule, dermocosmetics can be purchased in pharmacies. However, not all products sold in pharmacies can be considered to be ‘dermocosmetics’. Cosmetic dermatology is supported by health professionals – mainly dermatologists – and it is developed on the basis of clinical studies, and from the work of recognised brands and specialist professionals.

What is dermocosmetic

Bioxán: dermocosmetics for the care of very dehydrated skin

The Bioxán product line was created with the aim of revitalising the skin of oncology patients. Specifically, its creator, researcher Ana Victoria Ugidos, began to look into formulations after seeing the devastating effects of oncology treatments on her niece’s skin, who was only fourteen months’ old at the time.
Specially designed for people with skin damaged by medical treatments, the composition of Bioxán dermocosmetic products is free from scents and additives, and provides care that comforts damaged skin. Bioxán dermocosmetic products prevent skin abnormalities and promote the growth of the skin’s natural flora to the detriment of pathogenic flora.

Although their use is indicated for people with skin that has been damaged from the effects of aggressive medical treatments, their high concentration of oxidants, Vitamin E and other active ingredients make ‘Bioxán Neo’ the ideal range of dermocosmetic products to improve general skin health, reduce marks, recover the surface of the skin following exposure to the sun, and reduce deep wrinkles and expression lines.

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