crema hidratante piel muy seca y sensible

Bioxán offers you the best moisturiser for very dry and sensitive skin. If lack of water and moisture or external agents is affecting your body’s largest organ, then this is the smartest solution. All products in the Bioxán Neo range are particularly suitable for people whose skin is damaged by harsh medical treatments or environmental stressors.

Its carefully designed composition ensures intensive care, proper hydration levels and dead cell regeneration – regardless of the circumstances. After application, very dry skin has a much more cared for, radiant and beautiful appearance. Being made of 100% organic ingredients and containing no perfumes or parabens, these creams are suitable for all skin types, and bring no risk of allergic reaction. Try them and see for yourself.

Moisturiser for very dry and sensitive skin all over the body

Bioxán Neo products include treatments specifically for different parts of the body:

  • Moisturiser for the skin on your feet and hands. These are the areas of skin that receive the most punishment and the least care. Easily absorbed, it helps to significantly improve the appearance and health of very dry and sensitive skin.
  • Eye contour cream. This is the most sensitive area of the whole body, which means it needs special care. Bioxán’s more concentrated formula moisturises, regenerates and rejuvenates your appearance.
  • Body moisturiser. Restores and regenerates the skin and provides deep-down moisturising for body skin that is very dry, while helping to restore firmness and an even colour.
  • Face moisturiser. Its regenerating formula helps to reduce expression lines and improve the general condition of the skin on your face.

It does not matter which you choose as your moisturiser for very dry and sensitive skin. All contain Vitamin E – the ultimate antioxidant for skin rejuvenation and for strengthening the immune system. Bioxán products are the only ones on the market that naturally contain a large proportion of Vitamin E.

Extra moisture for very dry and sensitive skin

Your skin needs water to stay healthy, and the recommended daily intake is not sufficient. You need to add to the supply of water held within your cells – especially if your skin suffers from dryness, sensitivity and premature ageing.

Medical treatments, the sun, tobacco, makeup and a range of external stressors all put the health of your skin at risk every day. The Bioxán Neo range includes a moisturiser for very dry and sensitive skin to serve the needs of different parts of your body and ensure maximum care. With a simple daily routine, you can regain the vitality and flexibility of your skin and look much healthier.